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"The fool looks at a finger that points to the sky."

- Amelie

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4.13.2007 @ 3:54:00 PM
i really don't know what to put in here so i guess this one's the title
hey guys... sigh. I'M BACK!! with yet again another post!!

hrrmmm... let's see.. what to tell..? well... a while ago, i was curiously looking back at my previous song compositions that i constantly place inside a nifty clear book (ya know. the ones with them plastic ones that cover most flat paper materials filed inside a tasteless binder). and there i was.. cautiuosly skimming through it. AND THEN....



WELL... i've never really lost it. i was just kidding around.

but what surprises me well is that... this song... the whole song.. it's just sooo amazing that i was able to express myself and everything that i felt during that time of depression, two years ago. everything was so teary and blurred. i guess this song just helped me move on and open my heart in different dimensions. this time, in respect to who i really am, and not what i'm trying to be to prove something that evidently ruined me.

'course, it's A-OVER now. i'm finally back, and as happy as ever. i found that someone who loves me for me, and not for my name or my face. i finally did.

but, i'll never stop listening to this song, even if those things no longer matter to me.
it's a song that my older brother (jigs, vox:miza) and i wrote. well... he penned the chorus part, but he thought i'll be doing better with it, 'cuz them lyrics in the refrain sounds a bit like life in me. so i took it, and concentrated real hard. and poof! like a breakfast cereal, it became a SONG.
i was scribbling anything that flows. when i was done writing it, kuya jigs listened to it, and it was a fab. (note: FAB. and not... well.. flab?)

and now, i'm here. once again, listening to it. i'm hoping that when people listen to it in the near future (when i'm selling records now... whew.. hey. dream big, right?), they are going to internalize the words and what it speaks of, and just... relate to it, you know? it's kinda that way...

we recorded the song in a softy in the PC. this song is called SUMMER ROMANCE (i know it sounds familiar. yes, incubus has that title too, but in pure disclosure, i have no intention of making a replica of it. tell that to because of you by keith martin [the national anthem of 2004] and because of you by kelly clarkson [rebel high?])

anyway, i'm supposed to embed the file in here, so you guys can listen to it crooning. but maybe later, when i figure out how. LOL.

so i guess, that's buh-bye for now!!^^
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