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"The fool looks at a finger that points to the sky."

- Amelie

You know I love you, don't be a fool.

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Kira de Ocampo. Singer-Songwriter. Creative Writing student in UP Diliman. I am basically a grandma inside a 21-year-old body.

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9.29.2007 @ 7:43:00 PM

Thanks to Josh. LOL.

Pretty much these are some of the weirdest stuff I personally think dudes and dudettes ain't know about me yet. And pretty soon I'll run out of them. Like, LOL.

1. I like techno. I like disco headlights. I like dancing like some crazy.. person. But I don't party.

2. Gym class is KILLING me.

3. I sometimes have to actually tell myself to breathe. Especially when...

4. I miss somebody. Real bad. And no. IT'S NOT HIM.

5. I'm not taken. But I'm definitely stolen. :3

6. I don't know what's with guys in long hair. I really really don't.

7. I fear the fear of fear. And that's pretty bad.

8. I usually write when I'm OUT OF ORDER.

So. That's it. Last time I checked, I haven't actually tagged ANYONE yet. So this time, I'm taking it.

I now taggggggggggggg..... : Brucey, VonBon, Ming, Niko, Aica, Karla, Mishi, and Ticia. :)

Ready... Set... Go.

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9.21.2007 @ 8:27:00 PM
FOB Hangover. What could be more sick than this? :))
Honestly. I am not a HUGE fan of Fall Out Boy. Not to speak, a crazy obsessed fan. There's something about Patrick's voice that gets me. Or is it Petey's "frontmacho"-ness? I don't really really know. But needless to say, I honestly am not. I just. Listen to them.

Going with my brother and his friend, Paolo, to their Friends and Enemies concert here I say would be something I did out of "nothing to do" dispositions. Said to myself, "Oh what the heck? They're only gonna be here once."

So off I go in search of some sort of "sick concert" feeling again to Araneta Coliseum at a raging hour of 5.15 pm (after being oh-so temporarily adopted by Niko's parents). Went inside by 7. And waited for Chicosci to bust the opening act off. (BTW, Mong Alcaraz <33 is sooo hottie lookin with tight pants and the ability to headbang, shred, synch, and look ohh sooo... well, HOTT. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Sigh..)

Like any other bands/artists, FOB thinks it'd be cool for people to wait so frickin' long, to get us all like, "Get on wit teh show, mehn!". And so they did, after a few calls. With their entrance theme, "So build me up, Buttercup baby, don't ya let me downn. YO." And a set of roars, shrills, and err.. guts, THERE THEY ARE. Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, and yes.. Pete (err..) Wentz.

I didn't expect to have this rush of blood and tingle in my spine, that I let a shrill myself too. (Even if, yes, they look like thumbs from the upper box, LOL).
All throughout the gig, people were SCREAMING like CRAZY. And SINGING along like it's the end of Teh World. Ohkay, so I admit, including moi, also. HAHA.

I really can't understand Pete's mumble and fickle blurbs back there, but whatever it is, he's making gurls SINK. Now that, excluding me. :)) (FLAME ME, Petey fans, flame me MUHAHAHA!!). He made us do frickin' waves, and guess what the next song was (AND I AM NOT GIVING AWAY ANY OF THEM since tonight there'll be another one). And by that, I am guilty of doing "teh wave" and "teh guess".

Sure, Pete hogged the mic, stole the frontman act from Pat, and inserted screamos in the middle of some songs, PLUS! crashed into a mosh, and took off his shirt, I sure had sooo much frickin' FUN, baby. And I actually WISH they'll be back for more more more. Lame as it sounds, it rocked my socks. LOL.

So maybe the stated statement of not being a big fan of FOB is to be rephrased after all.

I am a HUGE fan of Fall Out Boy. So to speak, a crazy obsessed fan.

Although I'm not sooo sure about the Petey "Frontmacho"-ness. LOL.

PS. They made us surrender the frickin' camera, so I was stuck with my not so brilliant camphone that I didn't get any clear photos at all (since it's so DARK, duh), only some unclear vids in the attempt to actually "record" it with freaky people like me shrieking and singing along, but failed, since the camphone's soo lame that all you can hear is 40% of me (well, mostly me) and Paolo scorching our throats out, 30% of the sing-alongs from people, 25% only of Pat and the band, plus 5% of Raffy coughing bad. Sorry, people. :))
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9.17.2007 @ 3:11:00 PM
How Do I Live (Hate Version)
How do you,
Get through the night without me?
If you had to live without me,
What kind of life would that be?
Oh, you
You need me in my arms, need me to hold,
I'm your world, your heart, your soul,
If I ever leave,
Baby I would take away everything good in your life,

And tell me now
How do you live without me?
I want to know,
How do you breathe without me?
If I ever go,
How do you ever, ever survive?
How do you, how do you, oh how do YOU live?

Without me,
There'd be no sun in your sky,
There would be no love in your life,
There'd be no world left for you.
And you,
Baby you won't know what you would do,
You'd be lost if you lost me,
If I ever leave,
Baby I would take away everything real in your life,

Please tell me baby,
How do you go on?

How do you live without me?

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9.16.2007 @ 1:35:00 PM
The Gravity Pulls Me


[LOL. stolen from lea lu]

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player,iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question,press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening Credits:
| Bigger Than My Body - John Mayer

"Someday I'll fly. Someday I'll soar.
Someday I'll be something much more."

Waking up:
| Anthem of Our Dying Day - Story of Teh Year

"The stars will cry."

First day at school:
| Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

"Listen to Iron Maiden With me.
I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby."

Falling in love: (HAHA. Sakto.)
| I Don't Wanna Know - New Found Glory

"First comes heavy breathing.
Staring at the ceiling.
What will happen next?

Fight song:
| Reinventing Your Exit - Underoath

"Stop saying that we're invincible."

Breaking up:
| Niki FM - Hawthorne Heights

"Silence in BLACK AND WHITE.
I'm outside of your window.
With my radio."

| You Versus the Sea - Daphne Loves Derby

"You said hold on and everything will be okay.
Should I even call it living?"

| Keep Fishin - Weezer

"You'll never be a better kind
If you don't leave the world behind.

Mental Breakdown:
| Dance Floor Anthem - Good Charlotte

"Everybody, put up your hands say I DON'T WANNA BE INLOVE."

| Jenny - The Click Five (woooooooooooooh!!)

"You leave me hanging on the line
You got me going out of my mind."


| Dulo ng Dila - Pupil

"At meron lang naisip
Na merong mailagay
Para lamang may laman
Para lang merong kulay
Hindi na bale."


| Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
"You have stolen my... HEART."

Birth of Child:

| Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand
"Do do ya, do ya do ya wanna." (LOL!)

Final Battle:

| Timberwolves in New Jersey - Taking Back Sunday

"Stop it come on you're not making sense now."

Death scene:
| Cover Me Up - Eyes Set To Kill

"Angel look down.
Take my body."

Funeral song:
| Karma Police - Radiohead

"And for a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself."

| Hallelujah - Paramore

"This time we're not giving up.
Let's make it last forever."

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9.12.2007 @ 11:55:00 AM
Out of Service. Out of Lettuce. Out of Here.


At School.

Exactly three fifety-one in this rainy afternoon.

Stranded. Tragic.

Need to get out.

Day on REPLAY:

Elevator. Out of Service.

Instant breaking news live with Vanessa Hudgens.

"Cheen Choice Awards."

Legendary Lindsay Lohan.

Never-ending Gateway. Taco Bell.

Out of Lettuce. Nachos. 12 oz. soda.

Erap. Frickin' Erap.

"Jingoyl bells, Batman smells."

Go go spider web. *Patew patew*


The so-called "Knowledge Center". With Myspace.

And BACK. Sigh.

I'm outttttttttttttaaaaa here.



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9.08.2007 @ 6:31:00 PM
A Blink. And a Thousand Phrases.

you are.

the bullet.

that keeps.

me alive.

you are.

so far.

you are.

so unfair.

you are.

my box set despair.

my indifferent heartbeat.

a delusion.

a sense of absolute sympathy.

my catastrophe.

my secondhand mystery.

a twisted harmony.

curse to my loaded guns.

you are.

my blank.

and i am.

your nothing.

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9.06.2007 @ 5:48:00 PM
Need new BANDS/ARTISTS! Rawr.

Ohkaaaaaaaaay. So here's the deal.

I'm so suckishly bored with overplayed playlists and alibis. I need new ONES. before they become waaaaaaaay overplayed.

I need NEW ones. You hear? NEW. Ones.

So. If you happen to know any bands of techno+punk+rock, or whatever in the frickin' world they call it (saaay, Pedicab), local, foreign, world, ethnic (LOL), whatever in the frickin' world they are, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (me so desperaado) give it to me. Through comments. Or PMs. Or whatever in the frickin' world it is that pleases you best.

If I don't get them, i'll lose my sanity.

LOL. Ohkay, so I acted off the board. But you just gotta help me, man.

Pretty please??? *insert pleading eyes here with batting of eyelashes and stuff*

Thanks. Thanks. Much thanks! :D



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9.04.2007 @ 3:24:00 PM
"Photoshopped" Love :))

Today afternoon. A quarter from three o'clock. I struggled to get right answers with right tasks to solve right reading. I nearly broke it.

But just as I thought I would, our English Prof (yes, for yet again. NOTE: Not my fault weird things happen on his period.) popped these.. peculiar.. quotes about love and stuff. And he... related it with.. lying. And stuff.

He finally arrived with this statement. "Love can sometimes be a blur..."

And my classmates could not agree more. (Okay, so maybe I do also! Rawr.)


Out of nowhere.. my classmate, Aica, fired back. "...but sometimes you just need PHOTOSHOP."

We're like... What in the wwwwwwwwwwwwooorrrlldd??

And so concludes the quote.


Yes. That's right. Photoshop. Hrrmm... *wonders*

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9.03.2007 @ 9:15:00 AM
I Just Realized That...

Africans would die for food. But Filipinos would die for a seat in the LRT.

Weird, huh? Tell that to the people who would ACTUALLY push me EVERY morning just to own that bench space I've been hunting for. LOL.

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