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6.15.2007 @ 5:55:00 PM
malayong malapet
the doldrama - the past three days
the dance - a new hillsong playlist. yey!

the first few days of COLLEGE LIFE is undeniably, irrefutably, indisputably, positively, unspeakably, certainly, and a hundred percent definitely idiosyncratic. in short. WEIRD.

i rode the lrt from santolan to gilmore with great fear and agonizing fret. for the first time in my entire life, i'm on my own. wearing a "colejiala" uniform from st. paul (NOTE: don't forget about the necktie!). in black high heels. and a look from a freshman's face, seemingly filled with anxiousness and various expectations and demanding questions in mind.

for the light rail train to arrive.

finally, after four long... minutes, it did. and board the train i did. and pretty soon i found myself strolling as fast as i can to get to school on time (after boarding the train, you have to walk, say... a few meters to get there. argh!), and blah blah blah. moving on to the good part.

i entered the classroom for my first class. and the WEIRD stuff begins. to begin with, we, the college students, are hereby ordered to never call the professors as "teachers". why? i DON'T KNOW! i'm a freshman. fresh. weird, huh?

i met new people, yeah. and currently i'm hanging out with this group of uhm... unique people. a boy-hunter. a fashionista. a tree-swinger. a goatie guy (or a guy with a goatie). and an evident womanizer. ahaha. so far we've traveled wide enough. if by wide, you mean gateway (a few stations away). lol..

the second day just keeps getting on WEIRDER. and that, i wore HIGHER heels. pretty practical, huh? for someone who got home with blisters on the feet, that is! lol... anyway, while riding this fx taxi to santolan, i just realized i was starting to have a bad day. why? ask that huge man beside me! my space was like a few inches, and my necktie (oh my!) was in disarray! due to that, while hopping out of the fx, i forgot to shut the door. and the man shot me some nasty look. hey, WASN'T MY FAULT he has to shut it himself. lol...

but i'm not done yet, see. this prof (uh-huh...) of mine in english was pure terror. he looked like peter parker *with the glasses and stuff*, only a little more serious--no, a whole lot serious. and guess what. I MISTOOK HIM FOR OUR THEOLOGY TEACH--I MEAN, PROF!! oh, the shame!! me so stupid. haha. anyway, i don't think he noticed it anyway... lesson learned: just shut up.

although today may only have been the third day of this "college" life, i've realized a few pointers to kick me off.

one, college is not about "cute" anymore. it's more like "cut". coz you're so dead tired.
two, bandages are very helpful! very true! (especially when it comes to pointy, killer shoes) oh, and don't forget to bring extras!
three, never call an lrt with your hand extending like calling a taxi. why? duh.
four, never stand up when you're reciting.
five, dorks will always be dorks. and nerds will always be nerds. so don't be a jerk. or you'll always be a jerk.
six, never mistake your english professor for your theology teacher. coz theology and english are far worlds, you know.
seven, never say ever. coz it doesn't makes sense at all.
eight, bill gates is so rich he eats rich. period.
nine, the job of an inspector is to stick a drumstick inside your bag and take it back. the end.
and numbah ten, be yourself. (everybody wears the same thing everyday in your entire attendance, and standing out is something.)

i may not know what the rest of the days will be like in this strange, unfamiliar world. i just hope it will be familiar to me one day.

dance dance,
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6.11.2007 @ 1:38:00 PM
new haircut
after waiting for two long years of mom allowing me to have a new 'do, i finally have it!

i remember the good ol' days with my long layered hair that i've been sporting since 9th grade, and it was such a bummer since i'm soooo bored with it.

i tried coloring my hair, which is why people ask me if i'm a naturally brown-haired, but it was still boring, it can put me to sleep. (NOTE: i am naturally, although dyeing my hair made it "worse").

so then, i tried maintaining my side-swept bangs which i've been keeping since a kid. (way before people think side-swept bangs are hot.) and i realized the population of gurls wearing bangs developed.

hate it.

i need to do something.

i need to convince mom.

to allow me.

to get.


and i finally got it!!! LOL.

here's a before and after view. wahaha.

funny. i rarely post anything about my hair. but i'm happy about it. it's new change. and change need not mean losing something, but doing something.

safe sailing,


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6.05.2007 @ 10:37:00 AM
summer. swings. and tweaks.
the doldrama - spending the last few remaining days of "no classes"
the dance - in my life - the beatles

today's june the 5th. 5 days after may, and 5 days since june.

and i'm here infront of the pc, posting another yet one of those "posts" for this "blog", with one final thought in mind. creepy. strange as it seems. devastatingly saddening, and yet still comes to one point or another: "Summer is OFFICIALLY over."

as i sigh heavily, reminiscing the days of the good ol' summer cliche, i've yet delved deeper into realizing all the stuff, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, that i've learned.

some disappointing. some exhilarating. some stirring. some grand. some wide. some still unknown. some weird. some extraordinary. some astonishing. some minute. some self-erudite. some depressing. some dismal. and some are just precisely...really weird.

so this summer, i have learned that...

... Everything happens for a reason. in this life, everything has a purpose. it may be for the betterment of yourself, or for some simple reasons anonymous. and when it's for the good of you, God doesn't care whether you're good about it or not. Why? Because He's the Boss. and you're just HIS employee. it's a good thing that you're safe and secure with one thing to be sure of. "He's got everything taken care of for you because He knows what's best."

... Some things are best saved for later. realationships? LATER.

... What goes around, comes around. no, it's not karma. it simply just"what you sow, you reap." beacuse it just is. don't you think so?

... Life is like a box of chocolates. You'll never know what you're gonna get. seriously. no fronting. it may be a line from some real huge blockbuster success, but you'll really never know. things just come and go. in and out. in timings at just the least expected.

... Practice makes... well, perfect. i think it's because i suck bad in playing the violin. so i guess i just better practice. practice. practice. and... well... practice.

... If you meet the younger sib of the guy who tore you apart, it's not you who'll feel uneasy. It's him. 'Nuff said.

... Wait. and wait some more. if you don't, you'll miss the things that are really for you. even if you think you took the right choice in giving in, soon you'll end up regretting it. like me.

finally, summer has come to an end. and either you like it or not, it just has to. hey, it will always come back for some next years. but for now, goodbye SUMMER. and hello WHATEVER.

safe sailing,

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