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"The fool looks at a finger that points to the sky."

- Amelie

You know I love you, don't be a fool.

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Kira de Ocampo. Singer-Songwriter. Creative Writing student in UP Diliman. I am basically a grandma inside a 21-year-old body.

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3.27.2012 @ 9:23:00 AM
We Wake the Dead
We wake the dead, the Steadfast and I
and hang drenched souls spiffy and dry
along clotheshorses, waving undone
fancy fluttering fringes in the sun.

A little touch: the cheek, the bone
arrests the bloated heart of stone
and from the grave rises again
and from the dead now knows no end.

But baffled by the newness of light,
he finds the Steadfast strangest of sight
upon this he asks, with weary voice
“Who is he that wakes with no noise?”

The Steadfast answers, “It is I, you see,
I come to carry you home with me.
Life is more imminent than death,
so come, little grinner, as you know best.”

And we pick the worms from the grinner’s ear,
dust his coat and flick away his tears.
When his dreams are pieced back and dry,
he wrestles a question of who and why.

At this, my master heaves a sigh
but smiles and tells the grinner and I:
“From the grave I rose again,
now from the dead you’ll know no end.”

-- Kira de Ocampo
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3.07.2012 @ 9:30:00 PM
Hope is a Funny Thing

It’s funny how people put their hope on certain things and can bet all their money and sanity that these things will never, in all eternity, bring them down. People trust people. They trust their own funny hidden talents. They trust in their mothers or their cats, or their favorite TV commercials, or Google, or their religion or their not having any belief whatsoever, or their friends that are ninety-five percent more than friends. And it is always too late for them to see that nothing is ever permanent and even permanent markers fade when you put them in the wash once or twice. Nothing is ever bulletproof or scratch- or lint-free. In the end we all die, all of us, and the things we’ve been holding on to all our lives will die, too (perhaps not all together with us, but at one point in the sun, which in turn, is also doomed to die.) That doesn’t sound like a very happy thing to say. So, where on earth does that leave you?

I’d say. But here’s what people should do. What they should do, they should bet on something beyond this world—all of the things we see with the naked eye or with the microscope that helps us see little things or with the telescope that helps us see the universe. Let’s see. This Steadfast cannot even be visible. That will be too predictable. So this Steadfast cannot even be contained into a being if it refuses to.

But guess what, this Steadfast chose to and just did. And he put on some human skin and he came down from all his magnificence and he stuck himself on a cross. And he looked around, and at that millisecond, he looked into your eyes even if you’re lightyears apart. He saw you at that moment and he sees you right now, and he’s telling you, “Put your bet on me. Heck, put your whole life on me.

I’ll keep you, you’ll see if I don’t. You’ll never have to invest on crummy things that will eventually disappear in thin air because I never will. I am never saying abracadabra. I’m here, and I’ll keep watch. I won’t even sleep, just so I can watch you and see how you’re doing and all that. I’m here, I’m telling you. I have always been, and I always, with the entire universe and my love for you combined, will.”

And you’d think it funny, and you’d think, how in the world is that even possible? But let me tell you it actually is. It is, when he said, “It’s done. It’s finish,” and he breathed his last human breath.

Now wait a second, you’d say. You’re telling me he died? I thought we’re just—

Yeah. Because he had to. For you. But you know what he did next? He rose again. He freaking rose again, can you believe that? He died and lived again, which means he defeated death, impermanence, and all that crap you’ve been complaining about. He supersedes everything, even superglue. He’s more faithful than the morning. Isn’t that just marvelous?

Uh-huh. You should probably give him a high-five and all, on account that when you bet all the stuff in your pockets and your past and your dreams---your whole life on him, you’ll never lose.

You’ll be surprise to even gain something. And I’m telling you, that’s a deal you can’t even, you won’t even turn down.
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