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"The fool looks at a finger that points to the sky."

- Amelie

You know I love you, don't be a fool.

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5.29.2008 @ 7:59:00 PM
Goodbye, Summer.
And now it's officially over. 

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5.28.2008 @ 4:30:00 PM
So this is DOTA..
Wow. How exciting. I am thrilled. Nakaka-high. Grabeh.

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5.26.2008 @ 11:28:00 AM

Kinauhapunan na ng ika-6 ng Marso noong aking natatandaang naglalakad ako patungo sa tindahan ni Manong Karatula. Sa aking sariling pag-aabala sa kinangangambang mga bagay bagay, hindi ko na namalayan na unti-unti na palang pumapatak ang ulan. At saka ko na lamang ito napagtanto nang basa na ang aking mukha at hindi ko na makita ang aking dinaraanan.

Hindi ko na maalala kung bakit ako nagtungo kay Manong Karatula. Ang aking natatandaan na lamang ay ang mga sinabi ko sa kaniya. "Manong Karatula, mukhang malakas na ang ulan at tila nababasa na ang iyong mga paninda. Hindi ba kayo magsasara ng panandalian?"

At ang sabi niya sakin, "Naku, hindi. Sapagkat maaaring mayroong mangailangan ng malunggay na gagamitin sa paghanda ng panghapunan, o 'di rin kaya naman isang bote ng Coke Lite."

Inaamin ko, hindi ko na naintindihan ito, at hindi na naghangad umintindi pa. Dali-dali akong umuwi na dala-dala ang kung ano mang aking binili sa aking kamay. Ang alam ko lamang ay ni minsan, hindi nagsasara ng tindahan si Manong Karatula, panandalian man o hindi.

Ito'y nakapagtataka sapagkat wala naman masyadong tumatangkilik sa kanyang mga paninda, sa kadahilanan na ang lokasyon niya ay hindi makatarungang lakbayin pa (Iyon ang iniisip ng baryo). Bakit pa nga ba paghihirapang maglakad sa dulo ng kasikip na eskinita upang makabili lamang ng isang pakete ng Chippy, kung mayroon namang ibang mas malapit, hindi ba?

At sa tuwing tanungin man siya kung bakit ganito ay lagi niyang dinadahilan na baka may mangailangan ng sari-saring mga kagamitan. Naroon lamang siya. Nag-aabang ng mamimili o kahit mananalaw man lamang.


Iyon na lamang ang huli kong pagkikita kay Manong Karatula.

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5.22.2008 @ 9:25:00 AM
I SCREECHED. Literally. I screeched my lungs out while banging my hands on the sofa after Seacrest mouthed the words. Yes. David Cook is AMERICAN IDOL. I most probably can tell my fellow Cook fans also lost their voices this morning. But I'm pretty sure I was the best Cook screecher ever. 

I must say, though, that I do pity little Gaspy. 'Course, he did count on Cowell's grand sacred opinion that he actually won last night. But it's real good ain't nobody really listens to that Freak whose hair must have been parted by Moses (as Kimmel noted). Besides, nobody wants Jeff Archuleta hanging around, although we could use a little entertainment from him. Preeow!

It took such a long time for them to stall. Like, give us the frickin results already! Man. But it was worth the wait, you know. Plus watching OneRepublic wipe Gaspy the vocals out was amazing. Oh, and don't forget about the Jonas Brothers. I hafta say, they don't really rock, but aren't they the greatest dropdead kids EVERR? Oh yeah!

What takes me most to my awe is that Cook's brother, whose fault is having him auditioned, is actually also very very hott. Giving his name would be lovely, thankyouverymuch. 

Anyway, to wrap it all up, we're all frickin happy of the results, and I must say, America made the right--no, excellent choice. And if you're not, well, you're probably Gaspy. :)

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5.21.2008 @ 4:56:00 PM
Oh, PUHLEEEEEEEASE! You and I know Archie ain't done any better than what he usually does. Idol is so frickin scripted.

America better be good enough this time. Peace.

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5.19.2008 @ 8:07:00 PM
It Would Mean Everything.

I won't say I miss you.
Neither can you.
Of all the things I can't do,
Can't say I really miss you.
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5.17.2008 @ 6:54:00 PM
You are. Impossible.
Dear Killer,

For the second time, I lost myself out there. I know. I know. It was my fault. I could have just listened to you, for Pete Wentz's sake. I just couldn't believe it pulled the trigger on me oh so soon, I wasn't even ready yet. I lost it. Was always my fault, you know.

I wish, for sometime in my pathetic little life, it doesn't have to be me. But like they all say, we live, we learn. It sucks. What frustrates me more is that I never learn anyway. Maybe when I'm hopelessly all out of anything in this world, I could probably say so. But no. I already said that a million times.

I know. This too shall pass. But it creeps in too often than I thought. What do you think I should do? Now that I could not believe any longer, the pain caught up with me and is now stabbing me mercilessly to death. And I can't cry for that. Was too late. Too late, I tell you.

And I feel horrible.. 

Wait. You're a killer, right? Why don't I suggest you to kill me now? Oh, that would be lovely. It shall surely be my pleasure.

I know I'm practically boring you now. But I really just need someone to talk to. So bad.

Well. Have a good day. :)

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5.15.2008 @ 5:10:00 PM
Archie or Cook?
Which David is which? Oh what the heck. Go home, David A. :)

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