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4.13.2007 @ 4:56:00 PM
TOP TEN SIGNS To Know If You Miss Somebody So Bad
yep, from the big title itself, here are the TOP TEN SIGNS when you're missing somebody so bad, it hurts, written by no other than the Geeky Writer... moi!!
first let's start off with...

10. You take momentary pauses for you are being unmercifully reminded that you do miss someone.
09. You suddenly forget about eating. Which normally isn't your thang.
08. You can't sleep.
07. You are tempted to send multiple SMSs to that someone. In the middle of the night. When everyone's asleep.
06. You search photos of an ultimate Hollywood hottie to help you forget him. You can't.
05. You talk less.
04. You reminisce more.
03. You can't concentrate. 'Nuff said.
02. You see pictures in your dreams. (Huh???)
01. Well... you feel this impulsive, vile, undefined sentiment where you are atrociously being stabbed to a bottomless pit of despair and hopelessness and catastrophic desolation.

and somehow... you just can't get out of it... can you...? ;(

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