the sea

artist/band: The Civil Wars
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soundtrack: Summer House - Gold Motel
flick: Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
book: Star Girl - Jerry Spinelli

"The fool looks at a finger that points to the sky."

- Amelie

You know I love you, don't be a fool.

hullo stranger

Kira de Ocampo. Singer-Songwriter. Creative Writing student in UP Diliman. I am basically a grandma inside a 21-year-old body.

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5.07.2007 @ 7:07:00 PM
the marionette drama
the doldrums ? i'm a part of the batch of tears i shed every once in a while. life's too blurry. haha!
the dance ? nasaan ka - pupil
the lexis ? mahahanap din kita.
the periwinkle sky ? the twenty-eighth day of april in 2005. exactly that two years ago..

time.. just... liberately passes by. every single day. every single hour. every single minute. and every single second... just seem to.. vanish. and here. comes. may.

nah... too dramatic. let's try this one, shall we?

TIME! just! liberately passes by! every! single! day! every single hour! every single minute! and every single second! just seem to! VANISHHHH!!! and here! comes MAY!!

hmm... too.. disturbing.

time? just? liberately passes by? every single day? every single hour? every single minute? and every single second? just seem to? VANISH? and here? comes may???????

too much uncertain! let's try that cliche for yet again.

time just passes by. every single day, every single hour, every single minute, and every single second just seem to vanish. and here comes may.

very true indeed!!
i can hardly catch my breath. everything's too dramatic. i can hardly catch my breath.

Twinkle the friggin' stars,

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