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9.21.2007 @ 8:27:00 PM
FOB Hangover. What could be more sick than this? :))
Honestly. I am not a HUGE fan of Fall Out Boy. Not to speak, a crazy obsessed fan. There's something about Patrick's voice that gets me. Or is it Petey's "frontmacho"-ness? I don't really really know. But needless to say, I honestly am not. I just. Listen to them.

Going with my brother and his friend, Paolo, to their Friends and Enemies concert here I say would be something I did out of "nothing to do" dispositions. Said to myself, "Oh what the heck? They're only gonna be here once."

So off I go in search of some sort of "sick concert" feeling again to Araneta Coliseum at a raging hour of 5.15 pm (after being oh-so temporarily adopted by Niko's parents). Went inside by 7. And waited for Chicosci to bust the opening act off. (BTW, Mong Alcaraz <33 is sooo hottie lookin with tight pants and the ability to headbang, shred, synch, and look ohh sooo... well, HOTT. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Sigh..)

Like any other bands/artists, FOB thinks it'd be cool for people to wait so frickin' long, to get us all like, "Get on wit teh show, mehn!". And so they did, after a few calls. With their entrance theme, "So build me up, Buttercup baby, don't ya let me downn. YO." And a set of roars, shrills, and err.. guts, THERE THEY ARE. Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, and yes.. Pete (err..) Wentz.

I didn't expect to have this rush of blood and tingle in my spine, that I let a shrill myself too. (Even if, yes, they look like thumbs from the upper box, LOL).
All throughout the gig, people were SCREAMING like CRAZY. And SINGING along like it's the end of Teh World. Ohkay, so I admit, including moi, also. HAHA.

I really can't understand Pete's mumble and fickle blurbs back there, but whatever it is, he's making gurls SINK. Now that, excluding me. :)) (FLAME ME, Petey fans, flame me MUHAHAHA!!). He made us do frickin' waves, and guess what the next song was (AND I AM NOT GIVING AWAY ANY OF THEM since tonight there'll be another one). And by that, I am guilty of doing "teh wave" and "teh guess".

Sure, Pete hogged the mic, stole the frontman act from Pat, and inserted screamos in the middle of some songs, PLUS! crashed into a mosh, and took off his shirt, I sure had sooo much frickin' FUN, baby. And I actually WISH they'll be back for more more more. Lame as it sounds, it rocked my socks. LOL.

So maybe the stated statement of not being a big fan of FOB is to be rephrased after all.

I am a HUGE fan of Fall Out Boy. So to speak, a crazy obsessed fan.

Although I'm not sooo sure about the Petey "Frontmacho"-ness. LOL.

PS. They made us surrender the frickin' camera, so I was stuck with my not so brilliant camphone that I didn't get any clear photos at all (since it's so DARK, duh), only some unclear vids in the attempt to actually "record" it with freaky people like me shrieking and singing along, but failed, since the camphone's soo lame that all you can hear is 40% of me (well, mostly me) and Paolo scorching our throats out, 30% of the sing-alongs from people, 25% only of Pat and the band, plus 5% of Raffy coughing bad. Sorry, people. :))
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